Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese martial arts have long been respected. Several styles of martial art were actually founded in China and then grew into very distinctive styles in other parts of the world.

HSING-I : The Chinese perception of nature and Chinese medicine are the roots for this martial art. The five Chinese elements (metal, fire, wood, water, earth) are the inspirations for the blows. HSING-I incorporates dance like movements inspired by animals, as do other martial arts which stem from Kung Fu. Those who practice HSING-I have incredible physical stamina and endurance thanks to the demanding breathing exercises and practice that this style demands.

kung fu form with staffTai Chi Chuan: This form of martial art looks like a dance to those who live outside of China. The stylist enters a deep state of relaxation and then performs perfectly balanced movements in a slow and calm manner. The stylist will appear to those watching to be asleep, although they are very aware of what is going on around them. Tai Chi promotes strength, flexibility, and stamina for those who practice it. Stylists also receive emotional and spiritual benefits from the deep state of relaxation that they enter. Deeper levels of peace can also be reached by stylists who enter deep meditative states as well.

There are many forms of martial arts which stem from the most famous Chinese martial art, Kung Fu.

Kung Fu also has several Shaolin forms, the most famous of which are the five animals. The five animals are deadly and debilitating techniques that are known around the world for their amazing power. Endurance and flexibility are learned by students of all these Chinese martial arts. Chinese students of Kung Fu will often choose to study an additional style of martial art as well to improve both flexibility and endurance. The addition of HSING-I or Tai Chi to a students training will provide a greater level of spirituality and physical endurance than you would find with Kung Fu alone.

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