Kung fu

Kung fu supplies and kung fu weapons are all here at our store. You will find kung fu suit and kung fu shoes. Browse our catalog of kung fu supplies. But first we would like to give you a brief history of kung fu.

kung fu stanceThere are different theories about the origin of Kung Fu. One of the most popular ones starts with the Bodhidarma. Who traveled to China from India and taught meditation practices to monks of the Shaolin (meaning “young forest”) temple. The Bodhidarma noticed that the monks were not fit enough to endure long meditation sessions so he created a series of movements to practice in order to stay fit. These motions gradually evolved, and were given combative applications. After thousands of years of trial and error, Kung Fu developed. Obviously this is a very brief explanation.

Kung fu weapons have a very rich and deep history. Some were designed for the battlefield and some were designed for personal protection. Others were developed from farming instruments.

Please browse this category for more information about Kung Fu and the Chinese martial arts. You will find it is a wide and varied subject.