Wooden Swords

For martial artists that need to train without worry of damaging their expensive swords the wooden sword is the best choice. You can use these swords to practice your kata or 2 person sets without worry of cutting one another. Although you still need to be mindful of safety as wooden swords and bokkens can still injure but are much safer than metal swords. A little history of the wooden bokken training sword: In Japan, the sword as well as the art of using it dates back centuries. You will find tales that describe legendary feats about heroes using their swords to vanquish the wrong. In the beginning Japanese swords were copied from those used in mainland china however as the Japanese fighting disciplines evolved, so did the swords. The Chinese swords are usually long and straight with the exception of the broadswords (one of our personal favorites) and were ideal for thrusting right into an adversary. In Japan, swords started to become curved and with a two handed hilt. These types of weapons were ideal for swinging in broad slashes from the top of a horse. It had been in the Muromachi Period 1336-1600 A.D. that the use of the Bokken shot to popularity. It was actually during this period the fighters began mastering the actual skill of dueling against a singular adversary rather than fighting in a battlefield scenario. It was actually from this one fighting warrior strategy that the Ryu specialty style came to exist. This idea also became part of the Samurai code.

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