Today many martial art styles will train with traditional karate weapons like the tonfa. Training with this ancient Okinawan weapon can help you more graceful and more powerfully. In addition using both hands at the same time while keeping in constant mind where the weapons are and how they are moving will help with ones concentration. The Historical Past of the Tonfa: In 15th century Okinawa, locals of the area employed the tonfa for crushing rice and other types of grain that were grown locally. The tonfa was actually the handle and was placed within the side hole of the millstone. While not in the side hole of the millstone, the tonfa was discovered to be a great weapon for self defense. They are generally widely used as a set and ended up being efficient for stopping strikes with its long handle sides whilst the ends were put to use for attacking with strikes. Regular training with the tonfa can help you improve your conditioning, strength, coordination and overall balance.

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