The Sai: A Sai is actually a piece of weaponry that is used in pairs. This is one of those rare weapons in the martial arts that was not originally a farming tool. This weapon was made to be used against the samurai and their swords. Some techniques with the Sai can be used to snap the samurai sword in half. When choosing your sai make sure the point does not extend passed the point of the elbow by no more than 3/4 of an inch. Please be aware, when studying this weapon, in all probability you’ll often be dropping it quite a bit. Wear something over your feet that the point can not penetrate and do not practice on ground where the point will tear it up. Like soft dojo mats. The sai much like other martial arts weapons are viewed as an extension of the body. For instance, moves using a tonfa are actually extended hand strikes. Blocks are also patterned after classic blocking techniques.

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