Nunchaku also known as nunchucks. They are part of the classification of kobudo weapons, nanchucks are comprised of two foot-long sticks which can come in round or hexagon shapes. Both of these are connected at one end with a nylon cord or chain. Wood is among the most popular materials utilized in the manufacturing of nunchucks. Oak, specifically, is definitely an excellent choice as we carry many in this wood. All of our chucks are so that the direction of the grain is going in a diagonal direction, thus making the wood stronger. Due to the use of these weapons by many people in the 70’s (right after the Bruce Lee craze) the nunchaku were illegal to posses in California, NY and Pennsylvania. Believe it or not, they are also illegal in a few countries too such as Spain, Canada, Germany and the UK. They are still currently prohibited in NY, MA, CA and Canada and can not be shipped to those areas.

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