Escrima Sticks

The Filipino martial art style of Escrima has often been referred to as the deadliest martial art style on the planet due to the fact that it emphasizes on what works, instead of what looks good. It focuses on real life combat situations. The developing fascination with Escrima is additionally because of the reason it can be utilized for various scenarios. The stick is almost always handy, be it an umbrella or cane. Whatever can be done with the escrima stick can be done with these everyday items. Many of the old masters of the style would travel across the various islands of the Philippines, and confront the arnis master of that particular area. Numerous masters acquired their own tactics from a lengthy process of experimentation. Whenever they had been beaten by some other arnis master, they often integrated that master’s successful techniques within their own style, or created techniques to defend against those kinds of techniques. By means of this lengthy process of real world expertise, the techniques which have been carefully handed down to all of us are really thoroughly tested, and therefore are extremely effective when used and carried out correctly.

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