Bo Staff

The grandfather of all weapons is the bo staff. The beginnings of the bo staff are lost in antiquity. But its effectiveness is well known. Understand this particular weapon and you will strengthen your empty hand skills. In addition when you need to defend yourself it can help even out the odds even when you do not have your weapon handy any pole or broom stick will do nicely. But first you need to practice with the real thing. In ancient China the bo staff was one of the first weapons taught to the student. As it forms the basis of all other long range weapons. Typically and depending ones style and techniques the bo staff demands strong snappy motions. The staff helps the student learn to use his body and to twist the waist all while having good footwork. Proper training with the bo staff helps to strengthen the muscles in the forearms, waist and shoulders. Regardless of what martial art style a person studies or trains in a solid training in bo staff techniques will certainly enhance your empty hand skills.

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